Pacific Cod Fillet
Kodiak Jig caught Pacific grey cod fillets

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Pacific Cod Fillet

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Pacific cod, also known as grey or true cod dwell in the deep cold waters of Alaska. Jig caught/longlined, our cod are handled one by one and bled to produce pristine white fillets.
The flesh has large white flakes, a mild, savory flavor. Famous for its use in fish and chips, it's also an excellent option in thick creamy chowders.
Boneless, skinless fillets, packaged and frozen in a vacuum-sealed bag. Packages weigh 1-1.5 lb.
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Nutritional benefits include:
  • naturally low in calories and fat
  • excellent source of high-quality protein
  • good source of potassium, selenium, and phosphorus
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Photo Courtesy of Alaska Seafood.