Our Story

Emerald Isle Seafoods
We are a first-generation fishing family from the remote and rugged island of Kodiak, Alaska. Together with our sons Matt and Tristen we harvest cod, rockfish, halibut, and salmon from the pristine waters of the Gulf of Alaska. Our daughter Traci and her husband Ryan also live and work in Kodiak, and have two beautiful kids.

Fishing is our business, and we are passionate about it
After nearly a decade of fishing on halibut and black cod longliners out of Kodiak, my wife and I decided it was time to start our own fishing operation and bought a small fishing vessel. We have owned the thirty-five foot F/V Fish Tale since 1999, and during that time we have made countless improvements and modifications to our vessel to improve efficiency and the quality of the fish we catch.

Small boat big spirit
We started out in the open access jig fishery for cod and rockfish, later we invested in halibut IFQs, and most recently we bought a permit and geared our vessel up to seine salmon. We constantly strive to improve and diversify our operation and the creation of Emerald Isle Seafoods is a continuation of that process.
The seafood we offer in our store is harvested exclusively by us on our vessel. We do not purchase seafood from any other sources. This allows us to have complete quality control over our product, from harvest to shipping.

Our processor
We have teamed up with a small locally-owned processor to fillet and package our catch. Custom-processing of our catch ensures that the quality of our products meet our high standards, and have been handled with the care our customers deserve and expect. This allows us to offer the finest, premium Alaskan seafood available.

YouTube channel
To share our lifestyle, we have created a YouTube channel called EIS Alaska. We document our many different fisheries and how we execute them aboard our boat. We also  post different recipes, and a "Catch, Clean, and Cook" series is in the works.