Why is your inventory of halibut limited?  The Alaska halibut fishery is based upon an individual fishing quota (IFQ) system where individuals own a portion of the resource based on the size of their share. The International Pacific Halibut Commission (IPHC), oversees the management of this resource, and sets the Total Allowable Catch (TAC), available for harvest annually. The poundage available to IFQ holders is based upon that TAC and fluctuates from year to year to avoid over fishing of the halibut stocks.

 More about Jigging: Jigging has minimal effect on the ocean floor, and the surrounding reefs. Jigging is done with 5-10 LB weights, attached to mono-filament leaders consisting of 10-15 hooks in a vertical line. It is then snapped onto the main leader of a downrigger which holds up to 100 fathoms of line.

More about Longlining: We catch our halibut using longline gear. A longline set consists of approximately 1 mile of groundline anchored and buoyed on each end. We use 300-400 baited hooks per set, and can run anywhere from 3-6 sets per day.

Custom orders:  We will try our best to accommodate special orders and custom processing, but this may not always be an option based upon fishery seasons, time constraints and the weather.