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Photo Gallery

Time Lapse Rockfish Jigging.
Seals in Kodiak St. Paul Harbor.
The whole crew salmon seining 2016
Seining Salmon Family Owned



Matt and Len

Matt poses with a halibut Nov 2015.


Cleaning Halibut Kodiak Longlining


Matt and Tristen halibut 2016


Halibut Kodiak Alaska


Matt and Anita setting longline 2016

Setting Longline for Halibut

Len and Matt hauling a longline set


Longline Halibut Dehooking


Longline haul

Longline cod and halibut catch

Test set salmon seining 2016

 Subsistence Gill Net Sockeye Salmon

Subsistence Gill net Sockeye Salmon


Our boat the F/V Fish Tale


Our boat the F/V Fish Tale
Fish Tale Kodiak Fisherman


Scenery from Kodiak Island

 Kodiak Alaska

Emerald Isle Seafoods Kodiak Alaska