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Coho Salmon Fillet

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Wild-caught Coho salmon are the second-largest salmon species. Also known as Silvers, known for its firm texture, and delicate flavor, it is an excellent option for grilling, smoking, or roasting. High in omega-3 and protein not only is coho healthy eating but tastes great too!
Silvers are seined in the late summer to fall months. After hauling we immediately bleed and slush ice our coho to preserve the beautiful red-orange flesh.

Check out our Smoked Salmon Recipe for some mouth-watering smoked coho.
Packaged and frozen in a vacuum-sealed bag. Half fillet portions, ranging from 1-1.5 lb.
For more information on shipping, processing, or wild-caught seafood see our FAQs.
Nutritional benefits include:
  • low in saturated fat
  • high-quality protein
  • excellent source of selenium and phosphorus
  • good source of potassium
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Photo Courtesy of Alaska Seafood.