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Halibut Fillet $18.50/lb

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Harvested in the frigid waters of Alaska, Pacific Halibut are the largest flatfish. They vary in size from 10 lbs up to 300 lbs and bigger.

Halibut has a firm white meat. It has a mild flavor, is flaky, high in protein and very lean. It has many preparations that include: grilled, oven-baked, poached, pan-fried, or even steamed.

Boneless, skinless fillets, packaged and frozen in a vacuum-sealed bag. Custom portioning is available for bulk orders.

Nutritional Information

Custom orders:  We will try our best to accommodate special orders and custom processing, but this may not always be an option based on fishery seasons, time constraints and the weather. 

Options available include:

  • Head off, dressed (H/G)
  • Bulk fresh / frozen

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Photo Courtesy of Alaska Seafood