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Sockeye Salmon Fillet

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Sockeye salmon also known as reds, are very firm and have vivid red flesh. A healthy eating choice, reds are high in omega-3 fatty acids and an excellent source of protein.
Preparations range widely from pan-fried with delicious brown sugar and mustard glaze to smoking or pickling. It is often prepared as sashimi.
As with all of our fish, we bleed our reds. Doing so ensures unrivaled quality, our beautiful clear fillets are virtually free of blood. We then immerse the fish in slush ice, being suspended in chilled water, there is no denting or crushing of the flesh.
Wild-caught Sockeye salmon is in season during the summer months of June to August.
Packaged and frozen in a vacuum-sealed bag. Packages are half fillets weighing 1-1.5 lb.
Nutritional benefits include:
  • low in saturated fats
  • high-quality protein
  • excellent source of selenium and phosphorus
  • good source of potassium
  • nutrition facts sheet
Photo Courtesy of Alaska Seafood.