Yelloweye Rockfish Jig caught

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Yelloweye Fillet

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Yelloweye rockfish are found mainly around rocky structures and resting on hard ocean floors. Jig caught with hook and line gear, we handle each individual fish, bleeding, and immediately submerging them in slush ice. Doing so creates an extremely high-quality fillet, with very little blood and bruising.
Yelloweye Rockfish has thick, flaky meat, and a rich creamy flavor. Several preparations include panko fried, sauteed, baked, or make into a delicious soup.
Yelloweye are bycatch only, we catch them when we go rockfish jigging. For this reason, we have a limited supply. To stay up to date on incoming stock and sales, please subscribe to our newsletter.
Boneless, skinless fillets, packaged and frozen in a vacuum-sealed bag. Packaged as the whole fillet, except for very large fish, packages weighing 1-2 lb.
Nutritional benefits include: